Muddies To Be: Session One

Muddies To Be will cover a variety of topics over the course, and the next few blog posts will talk a bit more about what to expect from each class.

You may also have seen that we are going to run whole day courses as well as the six-week courses – the full day will have similar content, but will not cover quite as much because we just won’t have as much time!

In this post, we’ll cover the first session – the end of pregnancy and the beginning of labour – in which we look at physical and mental health and ways in which you can help yourself, and get help from others. 

Boosting your iron levels before birth, for instance, can be really beneficial when it comes to labour and also your recovery postnatally.  But did you know that despite being rich in iron, spinach does not contain the type of iron that is easily absorbed by the body, and so most of it will likely pass right through your digestive system?

We will talk about the ways in which you can look after your baby’s health in pregnancy, such as bonding.  Activities that promote bonding in pregnancy have benefits while the baby is still in the womb and once he or she has been born.  And not just for the baby – it is good for the parents and siblings too!

We’ll cover reasons to give the hospital a call, such as if you think the pattern of the baby’s movements have changed, and why those things warrant getting checked over by a midwife or doctor.

What to pack in your bag for hospital is a hot topic for any antenatal class, and Muddies To Be is no different!  Equally, if you are planning a home birth, we will discuss things to have in the house. 

And we’ll also look at things you can do before the baby arrives to make life easier at home once the baby has arrived (a freezer full of batch cooking anyone?!)

Finally, we’ll cover early labour – what to look out for, how to cope and when to call the midwife. 

And if your due date has past and you are keen to get labour going, we will talk about the various theories out there for bringing on contractions, and the evidence behind them.  (It may not be evidence-based, but we know a few people who swear by booking a really expensive activity around your due date – sod’s law dictates that your contractions will start in time to disrupt those plans entirely!)

At every session, there will be time for questions, drinks and snacks and to enjoy our woodland craft.  We will also talk about how Covid-19 restrictions and guidelines might affect your pregnancy and interactions with the midwifery and hospital staff.

If you’re ready to book your first Muddies To Be session, you can get in touch on our Facebook page or use the contact us here.

Getting Out Not Lying-In!

We are planning for our Muddies To Be classes to be the direct opposite of the ‘lying in’ that noble women of Tudor times did towards the end of pregnancy.

The woman would be confined to a private room, and calming tapestries would be hung over the windows to block out as much light from the outside world as possible.  There would be a small window open for air and light, but too much light was believed to harm the pregnant woman’s eyes.

Muddies To Be, on the other hand, will be offering you all the natural light and air available! Instead of calming tapestries, we have a lovely woodland complete with birdsong (and the occasional rabbit running through). 

We are big believers in the positive benefits of being outside, engaging with nature and feeling informed about your choices for childbirth and beyond.  We think our antenatal classes are going to tick all those boxes for you!

You can book your place now or get in touch with us if you have any questions.

Coming Soon: Muddies To Be

Preparation is in full swing for our Muddies To Be antenatal classes, which we are hoping to start in April (lockdown allowing).  Midwife Katherine is busy preparing the class content, Fran is getting together the craft activities, and we are stockpiling the firewood – those marshmallows aren’t going to toast themselves! 

And we have uncovered some interesting facts during our research – in Ancient Egypt, the method of detecting pregnancy was for a woman to wee on a handful of barley and wheat seeds over the course of a few days.  If the seeds then grew, she was pregnant; it was thought if the barley grew it was a boy and if the wheat grew it was a girl.

We are really excited about this new side of Muddy Feet, and if you have any questions or suggestions we would be happy to hear from you. You can get in touch on our Facebook page or via the contact form. Thanks!