Muddies To Be: The final session!

Goodness, doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun, toasting marshmallows and learning almost everything you need to know about labour, giving birth and navigating the first few weeks of having a newborn baby. Week six of our midwife-led antenatal classes will be here before you know it, and our final session will look at caring for your newborn, and caring for yourselves.

There will be a host of dolls for you to practise dressing a baby, changing a nappy and bathing the baby.  (This may take a competitive turn….)  We’ll talk about ways to bond with your baby and sooth your baby (skin-to-skin contact ticks both boxes).   The ways in which you can reduce the risk of SIDS will be explored, from safe sleeping practices to how to safely use a car seat.  And we’ll also look at the screening tests your baby will be offered in the first week of life – what are the conditions being screened for, how is the test done and when will you get the results?

Skin-to-skin is a great way to bond with you baby and soothe her.

Mental health after having a baby is increasingly being recognised as an important factor, and we know it is something people struggle to talk about.  We will discuss the fluctuating emotions you may feel after having a baby; what is normal and also what might be a sign of postnatal depression.  This is something that can affect both parents, and support is available should you need it after having a baby.  We’ll talk about when and how to access that support, as well as how you can support each other.

Just as important is your physical health, and how you can aid your recovery from months of pregnancy and the actual birth of your baby.  There will almost certainly be more pelvic floor exercise chat!  It’s a really good opportunity to think about what support you can put in place before the baby is born; to consider what you might need straight away and what can wait a few days or weeks.  How to cope with interrupted sleep and sleep deprivation will also be a topic of conversation – the value of a nap will be thoroughly explored!

We really can’t wait to get going on Muddies To Be once lockdown eases, and are really looking forward to seeing some of you in the woods. We really think our antenatal classes are unique, combining the benefits of being outdoors in the woods with the knowledge of a midwife and experience of a mother.  If you have any questions, or would like to book, please get in touch via the website or Facebook!