We are planning for our Muddies To Be classes to be the direct opposite of the ‘lying in’ that noble women of Tudor times did towards the end of pregnancy.

The woman would be confined to a private room, and calming tapestries would be hung over the windows to block out as much light from the outside world as possible.  There would be a small window open for air and light, but too much light was believed to harm the pregnant woman’s eyes.

Muddies To Be, on the other hand, will be offering you all the natural light and air available! Instead of calming tapestries, we have a lovely woodland complete with birdsong (and the occasional rabbit running through). 

We are big believers in the positive benefits of being outside, engaging with nature and feeling informed about your choices for childbirth and beyond.  We think our antenatal classes are going to tick all those boxes for you!

You can book your place now or get in touch with us if you have any questions.

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