Preparation is in full swing for our Muddies To Be antenatal classes, which we are hoping to start in April (lockdown allowing).  Midwife Katherine is busy preparing the class content, Fran is getting together the craft activities, and we are stockpiling the firewood – those marshmallows aren’t going to toast themselves! 

And we have uncovered some interesting facts during our research – in Ancient Egypt, the method of detecting pregnancy was for a woman to wee on a handful of barley and wheat seeds over the course of a few days.  If the seeds then grew, she was pregnant; it was thought if the barley grew it was a boy and if the wheat grew it was a girl.

We are really excited about this new side of Muddy Feet, and if you have any questions or suggestions we would be happy to hear from you. You can get in touch on our Facebook page or via the contact form. Thanks!

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