What could be better than spending an hour-and-a-half in the woods on a Saturday morning? That’s right, four hours in the woods!

Muddies To Be is now offering two half-day sessions as well as the six-week block of classes. The first will cover late pregnancy, labour and childbirth, and the second will be all about what happens once your baby is here. You can book just one, but we highly recommend coming to both!

Lots of parents have been telling us that they didn’t feel prepared by antenatal classes for actually having a baby. Labour was covered in detail, but how you might feel both physically and emotionally after the baby was in their arms was not given enough attention. So that’s why we decided at Muddies To Be that our classes would try to redress the balance.

We still want to give you all the information and support you need with preparing for labour and birth. But we also want to equip you with the knowledge and skills for life after childbirth, and that is why our classes give equal time to both.

There’s always time for a marshmallow at Muddies To Be!

As ever, there will be time for a chat questions and refreshments. If you have any comments or queries about the class, please get in touch via the website, Facebook or our brand new Instagram page! Or you could just book now…..