Muddies To Be

We are very excited to be starting antenatal classes in the woods in early 2021!

The sessions will be run by midwife Katherine and Fran in our lovely woodland setting.  We want to combine the benefits of being outside, having face-to-face (but socially distanced) contact, and preparing for birth and a new baby.  And toasting a few marshmallows on the fire, of course!  

Each session will have a particular focus, but there will also be time for questions on any aspect of pregnancy, birth and caring for a newborn you might have. We also want to build a supportive community for families, that will last long past your baby’s first few months.

There will be a fire for warmth (and have we mentioned marshmallows?), a cover for rain, plenty of hot drinks; we are set up for all weathers! In true Muddy Feet style there will also be nature-based activities that you can do as much or as little as you like.

Session Details

Session 1: The end of pregnancy and the beginning of labour

  • Bonding with the baby in pregnancy
  • Antenatal physical and mental health
  • Reduced fetal movements and other reasons to call the midwife
  • What to pack in a hospital bag
  • Signs of early labour
  • Trying to get labour started  

Session 2: Labour – Part One

  • The three stages of labour 
  • Calling hospital and coming into hospital 
  • Coping in labour 
  • Pain relief 
  • Monitoring the wellbeing of the baby and the mother

Session 3: Labour – Part Two

  • A whistle-stop history of childbirth 
  • Induction of labour 
  • Caesarean sections – elective and emergency 
  • Assisted deliveries 
  • Mindfulness and breathing

Session 4: The First Hour

  • Skin-to-skin 
  • Clamping the cord 
  • Delivering the placenta 
  • Checking for and having stitches 
  • Newborn baby checks 
  • Vitamin k 
  • The first feed 

Session 5: Infant Feeding

  • How breastfeeding works 
  • How to breastfeed and express 
  • How to sterilise bottles 
  • How to make up bottles 
  • Recognising feeding cues 
  • Signs feeding is going well 
  • When and where to get help 

Session 6: Parental and Baby Wellbeing

  • Bonding with the baby 
  • Changing a nappy 
  • Bathtime 
  • Safe sleeping 
  • Mental health and emotions for parents 
  • Support  

We will have some experts coming to talk about different aspects in some sessions, so the order may have to change depending on their availability. There will be time for questions at every session, and an opportunity for a private chat if you would prefer not to discuss something in front of the whole group.

Places are limited and pre-booking is required.

Where is the site?


The Tollerton site is accessed via St Peter’s Church Centre, Tollerton Lane, Tollerton, NG12 4FT. We will meet outside the main entrance to the Church Centre each week, where we will take a register before walking into the woods. If you are unable to attend or are running late, please let us know so that we can head into the woods and meet you there.



How much does it cost?


What do I need to bring?

What do you mean by all weather?

Here at Muddy Feet, we follow the philosophy ‘there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad equipment!’ So we will be venturing out in all weathers, throughout the year. There are only two conditions in which we are unable to venture out for safety reasons and these are high winds and thunderstorms.

What if it is raining?

As mentioned above, we will be holding the group in all weathers, but we want to make you as comfortable as we can, whilst enjoying the outdoors! We have two large tarpaulins that we will bring with us and if necessary we will use these to construct a shelter to hold the session in. Tea and snacks will be provided to keep you warm as well!

What about hand washing and toilets?

Due to the nature of the playgroup, children will get muddy and dirty! We have implemented a new “tippy tap” hand washing system and will have hand gel stations in the woods enabling children (and adults) to wash their hands before eating snacks. We have access to an indoor space with toilets and handwashing facilities and have implemented rigorous cleaning procedures for our toilets. For more information about COVID restrictions, click here.

If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


We look forward to meeting you at your first Muddies To Be session!