We had a lovely Easter session on 16th April…we went on an Easter Egg hunt through the woodland! When we found our eggs we decorated them so we knew which was ours, then had an egg rolling competition at the end! (which is somewhat challenging with under 5’s, many of whom cannot differentiate between rolling and launching at a great height!!) But lots of fun was had!

We also built a huge nest for our giant eggs, which we concluded must have been laid by a dinosaur! We then made our own mini nests using twigs, grass and moss and then magically, when our backs were turned, a chocolate egg appeared!!

To mark the arrival of Spring we planted our own sunflower seeds to take home with us.

Some of our older children enjoyed taking part in an egg box scavenger hunt, trying to find different natural items to match different colours.

Some huge dens were built.

Hammocks were swung in

And of course the mud kitchen saw some action too!

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